Financial assistant

We are seeking a financial assistant to help our leaders with daily financial administration. Are you the right person for the job? Do you like tasks which require precision? Continue reading!

The right person for this job is meticulous, accurate and calm with a strong desire to consistently produce reliable results.

You must also summarize reports and have the communication skills for close cooperation with both leaders and personnel. The energy of a marketing agency inspires you.

You have a business degree with a good basic knowledge of financial administration. And you hold a strong command of finances, budgets, work time tracking and analysis – plus anything else that might come up.

Ab Wikström Media Oy is a marketing agency specializing in ideas, concepts, and strategies. We have everything you could need, inhouse. Our office is located in Jakobstad.

So, do you want to work with us? Ask more or send an application to
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Ab Wikström Media Oy is an ad agency in Jakobstad offering everything within marketing. We work with graphic design, web pages, video, text, photo and marketing advisory services. Our customers are found in all of Finland, but Ostrobothnia is our primary sales area.