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Welcome Ann-Sofie and see you soon Cecilia!

Cecilia has become a familiar face to many of our customers. But for some time to come, we will not see as much of her – for happy reasons – she will be welcoming a new family member soon!

For this reason, we have been looking for the right person to take on her responsibilities....

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No trade fairs for 2 years.

Trade fairs are being canceled. Traveling sales associates aren’t allowed to visit companies. Pretty much every business meeting held offline is canceled. This means what you choose to communicate digitally in the coming years is crucial. Here’s what we suggest.

Our key account m...

“No more orders”, the customer says. What do we do now?

The year has been strange so far, to say the least, and many companies struggle to ride out the storm. But there are ways to move forward.

An early April morning, Jakob, CEO of Wikström Media, gets the call. The entrepreneur on the ph...

Behind the scenes at Wikström Media

Behind the scenes at Wikström Media – a unique insight into everyday life and a meeting with managing duo Key Account Manager Cecilia and CEO Jakob. Has everything gone smoothly in recent years?

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Email addresses are in the following form:
Jakob Wikström CEO & Sales +358 50 358 5816
Bjarne Wikström Chairman of the Board +358 40 689 4153
Cecilia Hellund Key Account Manager +358 44 763 1423‬
Kristiina Oikarinen Account Manager (Helsinki area) +358 40 060 7364‬
Tiina Sjölund Financial & Employee Experience Manager +358 41 319 7622
Sofia Löfdahl Sales Assistant On parental leave
Lina Abbor Sales Assistant +358 41 319 1669
Karl-Erik Wikström Senior Advisor
Thomas Kula Account Manager +358 41 318 6127
Tom Johansson Art Director +358 44 242 2829
Jennie Svartsjö Art Director +358 44 981 9327
Natalie Lassila Graphic Designer +358 44 974 5485
Kim Alvaskari Graphic Designer
Kimmo Penttala Graphic Designer
Christoffer Reinilä Graphic Designer
June Bertell Graphic Designer
Maria Rönnbacka Head of Copy +358 41 317 1953
Sandra Hill Copywriter +358 44 241 0592
Åsa Broo Copywriter +358 44 901 7117
Yvonne Reiner Copywriter On parental leave
Patricia Lassila Copywriter +358 44 901 6155
Katarina Jansson Copywriter
Jakob Backlund Copywriter
Ella Kuoppamaa Copywriter
Iryna Hansten Translator
Mattias Björkholm Head of Web Development +358 44 750 6004
Rebecka Holmstedt Web Developer On parental leave
Pontus Björkgård Web Developer
Hannes Nyåker Web Developer
Jasmine Edfelt Head of Video Production +358 44 718 0542
Tuomo Syri Video & Animation
Otto Nyholm Media assistant
Emil Ena Head of Digital Marketing +358 44 986 2509
Sara Möller Digital Marketer
Chelsea Ahlgren Digital Marketer +358 44 901 6677
Eva-Stina Kjellman Photographer