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Wikström Media is a marketing agency with Nordic roots and a global reach. We help our customers enter new markets, think bigger and perform better.

Listen, Comprehend,

Our clients come to us with challenges, problems, and growth plans. It’s our job to deliver strategies, solutions, and results. That’s our favorite part!

When you place your confidence in us, you can be absolutely sure we will go all the way. We stand with our clients through thick and thin, blurring distinctions between them and us.

Together, we will create a brand recognized long after all the campaigns have gone quiet.

A strategy for every challenge

Then, with the game plan decided and the concept clear, we choose the method, the message, and the channels. From experience, we know this approach delivers. Often, it delivers a better result than the client even imagined.

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    Here at Wikström Media you always have the strength of the entire team. Not only as a client, but also as an employee.

    Collaboration benefits all of us.


    Does appearance matter? Interview with our art director, Jennie Svartsjö

    How can something as fleeting as a first impression matter in a long-term development of a strong brand?

    What concrete benefits can your company get by improving its visual identity?

    We take out the sketchbook and outline answers to these questions with our art director, Jennie.


    Ab Wikström Media Oy is one of Western Finland’s largest advertising agencies specialized in creating ideas, concepts, and strategies.

    To us, Finland is local, but our reach is global.

    Wikström Media is a marketing agency with Nordic roots and a global reach. We help our customers enter new markets, think bigger and perform better.

    Koulukatu 25-27 A
    68600 Pietarsaari

    [email protected]

    Here’s our contact information.

    Email addresses are in the following form: [email protected].

    Sales & management

    CEO & Sales Jakob Wikström +358 50 358 5816
    Chairman of the Board Bjarne Wikström +358 40 689 4153
    Key Account Manager Cecilia Hellund +358 44 763 1423‬
    Account Manager (Helsinki area) Kristiina Oikarinen +358 40 060 7364‬
    Financial & Employee Experience Manager Tiina Sjölund +358 41 319 7622
    Project Coordinator Sofia Löfdahl +358 44 493 5680
    Sales Assistant Jennifer Nyman +358 44 700 2489
    Senior Advisor Karl-Erik Wikström
    Account Manager (On parental leave) Lina Abbor
    Account Manager Patricia Lassila +358 41 319 1669
    Project Coordinator Nina Karvonen +358 45 7835 1723

    Visual design

    Art Director Tom Johansson +358 44 242 2829
    Art Director Jennie Svartsjö +358 44 981 9327
    Graphic Designer Natalie Lassila +358 44 974 5485
    Graphic Designer Kim Alvaskari
    Graphic Designer Kimmo Penttala
    Graphic Designer Christoffer Reinilä


    Head of Copy Jakob Backlund
    Head of Copy (On parental leave) Maria Rönnbacka
    Content Specialist Sandra Hill +358 44 241 0592
    Copywriter Åsa Broo +358 44 901 7117
    Copywriter (On leave) Yvonne Reiner +358 44 783 7969
    Copywriter (On leave) Katarina Jansson
    Copywriter Ella Kuoppamaa
    Copywriter Madelen Smedlund
    Copywriter Alexandra Björklund


    Head of Web Development Mattias Björkholm +358 44 750 6004
    Web Developer (On parental leave) Rebecka Holmstedt
    Web Developer Pontus Björkgård
    Web Developer Hannes Nyåker

    Video & photo

    Head of Video Production Jasmine Edfelt +358 44 718 0542
    Video & Animation Tuomo Syri
    Photographer Eva-Stina Kjellman

    Digital marketing

    Head of Digital Marketing Emil Ena +358 44 986 2509
    Digital Marketer Chelsea Ahlgren +358 44 901 6677
    SEO Specialist Ellen Vargas Virkkala
    Digital marketing assistant Joel Östman



    E-Invoice address:
    Operator: Liaison,

    [email protected]

    Koulukatu 25-27 A
    68600 Pietarsaari