No trade fairs for 2 years.

How do we move forward when all business meetings in real life are canceled?

Trade fairs are being canceled. Traveling sales associates aren’t allowed to visit companies. Pretty much every business meeting held offline is canceled. This means what you choose to communicate digitally in the coming years is crucial. Here’s what we suggest.

Our key account manager Cecilia Hellund has extensive experience coordinating and planning companies’ trade fair stands and programs. What do the fairs mean for companies?

– The trade fairs have long been important for sales and networking. Despite this, the popularity of some fairs has decreased in recent years. It’s difficult to measure the result of a trade fair, and the question of what you actually get for the trade fair’s price tag has been discussed. As an alternative to trade fairs, various types of showroom events have been seen around the Nordic capitals.

On top of that, most trade fairs are now being canceled due to the pandemic. A setback for many, and it’s difficult to predict when the trade fairs are coming back. But the situation is not hopeless, Cecilia sees opportunities.

– Every company can influence its future. Invest digitally and do something even better than participating in a trade fair. You can shape the content entirely according to your terms and goals. Here’s what we at Wikström Media suggest.

Invest digitally and do something even better than participating in a trade fair.

You can shape the content entirely according to your terms and goals.

Cecilia Hellund,key account manager


Skip the webinar. Achieve a wow effect with cutting edge marketing instead.

A lecture via a low-quality webcam does not replace a trade fair visit, unfortunately. It is unbearably slow and does not do your company justice. Imagine a more refined concept instead, for example, in the form of an advanced live event.

With the help of our video team, graphics team, and copy team, we can create a fast-paced live broadcast that people want to see because it‘s interesting, exciting, or fun. Or all of the above.

What theme do you want to highlight? A new product? A new technique? Do you want to interact with the viewers at the same time? Do you want an expert from across the Atlantic to join? Do you want to make it a series of events? Everything is possible.

We produce the event to ahieve exactly the feeling you want: American news broadcast, relaxed Skavlan style, or why not something more humorous. The possibilities are endless. We have the technology and expertise to carry out the projects – you have the content that deserves to be highlighted.


But what’s the point?

Increase sales. Increase sales. Increase sales.

The point of this type of concept is not to entertain. Entertainment is a way to reach the goal. When people appreciate something, they lower their guard and allow themselves to be influenced.

How do you want the target group to feel and think about your company and your services/products? This is something you can control, but not without hard work.


And if the great wow effect cant be achieved right now?

If the wow effect is out of reach budget-wise, you should still work on radiating stability. Invest in digital branding. Work methodically and purposefully.

We have repeatedly encountered companies that have failed in this regard. They have done a little here and a little there. Consultants have made misjudgments, and the company’s marketing staff lacks the holistic thinking to make a real difference. The brand is being demolished rather than built up.

All signals the company sends out must follow the same line. The most important thing is to provide a unified experience, which currently is a unified digital experience. This is how we work, both for ourselves and our customers. And we see the results of that effort every single day.


To sum it up: Invest in digital branding, but do it right.

No, there are no trade fairs this autumn, and there’s a definite risk that there won’t be any next autumn either. Therefore, invest digitally, but keep in mind that you are far from the only ones doing so right now.

Anyone can code a website, give a web lecture, and write a post on social media. But not everyone can do it methodically, purposefully, professionally, and so that it sells.

But we can.

And so can you if you join forces with us.


Cecilia’s checklist for successful communication in the upcoming years:

  • Establish a strong digital presence
  • Consider a high-class live event that sets you apart from the crowd
  • Work strategically and purposefully

And if you don’t have the capacity within the company


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