“No more orders”, the customer says. What do we do now?

How strong brands can carry companies through a crisis.

The year has been strange so far, to say the least, and many companies struggle to ride out the storm. But there are ways to move forward.

An early April morning, Jakob, CEO of Wikström Media, gets the call. The entrepreneur on the phone sounds noticeably worried.

– We’re working on the last orders right now, and then there are no more. In two weeks, I’ll probably have to start laying people off. I don’t really know how to get us out of this, the customer says.

The spring of Corona was a challenge no one expected. Like many others, the staff at Wikström Media worked remotely during the spring. Otherwise, the situation stayed relatively unchanged; some new recruitments even needed to be made. But the pandemic has hit industries differently. For some, it is the worst crisis in the company’s history.

No one can wave a magic wand and end the pandemic. But is it then far-fetched that the companies turn to a brand agency for help? Jakob answers.

– Not at all. We stand together with our clients during all the ups and downs. This is no exception, despite the state of emergency.

Jakob Wikström, CEO

Cecilia Hellund, key account manager

A strong brand copes better and can move forward during a crisis

With the majority of its customers, Wikström Media has a long-standing collaboration and has worked strategically to build the companies’ brands and influence the key target groups. A strong brand stays in the customers’ minds, also during a crisis, even if no purchases are made for a while.

– The need for a company’s products and services doesn’t disappear. You just have to make sure you’re the customers’ first choice when the storm subsides, and that work should be ongoing – building the brand. That way you’re one step ahead of your competitors, Jakob explains.

– Of course, it also varies what kind of help the clients need during challenging times. By definition, brands must be unique, so there’s no universal solution that can be applied, key account manager Cecilia continues.


It’s never too late to start building a strong brand

The entrepreneur mentioned in this article was not a long-time customer. But that does not mean that the call came too late.

– He did exactly the right thing. He got in touch, looking for competence. In a situation like this, you notice a big difference between those who passively wait and those who actively continue to market themselves. The latter group will return much stronger when the upswing comes, and it will come sooner or later, Jakob emphasizes.

Those who continue to market themselves during challenging times will come back much stronger when the upswing comes. And it is coming, it’s just a matter of when.

– At the same time, it’s important to ask yourself if you have the marketing capacity needed, whether you have a marketing team in-house or work with an agency, Cecilia adds.


Creating strategies is not a one-man job.

So how do you know if you have enough capacity?

– Whether you get or don’t get the results you want, is a good indicator. And keep in mind that random choices do not build brands. They’re built on elaborate strategies, and that’s not a job for one or two people, says Cecilia.

Since the start, Wikström Media has strived for each area of expertise to have its own team. Now it’s a reality. One team specializes in strategies and concepts, one team creates the visual, one team develops text, and so on.

They also collaborate, of course, but the point is that several experts twist and turn the same material. This has an impact on both the quality and delivery dependability.

Tuomo Syri and Jasmine Edfelt (Video & animation)

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Brands will prevail

It’s tough for many at the moment. For some, there is no turning back. For everyone else, Wikström Media has a clear message: Take charge of your future. Do something that strengthens your company permanently. If you haven’t invested in your brand before, do so now as soon as you can.

– Together, we can create a brand that is recognized long after the campaigns have fallen silent, a brand that remains in people’s minds during and after troubled times. Be a brand to trust. And choose to work with someone you trust, Jakob says.

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